May 17, 2022



Carrick M. is a 21-year-old transgender individual pursuing a Political Science major at Indiana University.

As a youth and having an abundance of confidence, a strong work ethic and a high level of intensity in everything he pursued, Carrick was placed in leadership roles.

The spotlight found him naturally, but Carrick, with his huge heart and caring about those who were not as gifted as himself, want to let them have the spotlight with instead.

As a senior in high school, Carrick was challenged to help on a political campaign. After a long discussion on strategy and planning with the candidate, Carrick fell in love with politics. It was through his involvement with the campaign that he realized that he could be an advocate for the transgender community. Carrick came to realize that change can only happen two ways…through society and through the justice system…Hence Law School.

After a degree in Jurisprudence Carrick plans a career as a public interest attorney.

Carrick’s involvement in public service as well as helping his community and society at large is just a few of the reasons that the CKMEF supports his educational pursuits.