May 17, 2022



Alexandra is a 17-year-old dual enrolled student majoring in aeronautical science at Florida Institute of Technology. Her love for the aeronautical sciences has fueled her desire to become a pilot for a major airline. Just like Carolyn.

 She had seen friends and family in her old hometown walk a different and darker path with no future. Alexandra decided to follow a path that leads to a brighter tomorrow.

 Her parent’s decision to move from a small northern town to Florida made it hard on her, but it bought her closer to her goal at least physically; the space coast.

 Since both parents were working to make ends meet, and no remaining funds for college it was up to Alexandra to make obtaining a pilot’s license a reality. That meant finding a job to pay for college and there fore not much time for extracurricular activities.

With the few hours of free time that Alexandra does have, she decided to join the ROTC and has attained the rank of Sgt. Major. She also pushed herself to make the dean’s list the last 3 years. Might a stint in the U.S. Airforce as a pilot be in her future?

As a student in a flying program, she has become top of her class as well as the youngest student ever in this program. Older students come to her for help understanding class content.

Her passion and drive have inspired her professors and instructors to give her the support needed so she may overcome any obstacles that she may encounter.

Her desire to teach the next generation of pilots and walk in the footsteps of Carolyn is one of the reasons she is a CKMEF awardee.