March 28, 2023



 Constance is a 21-year-old attending the University of San Francisco majoring in Biology as she pursues a medical degree.

Constance originally attended The Virginia Military Institute (VMI) with the aim of becoming a field doctor in the military. VMI is known to challenge their students to prepare them for what lies ahead in the U.S. military.

VMI gave Constance important character traits but in many ways was not the right fit for her. To leave VMI was extremely hard for Constance, but she credits VMI for giving her the tools she needed to succeed: discipline, organization, sacrifice, patience, and mental strength.

Constance took a year off to re-evaluate her life. She realized that she still had the passion to become a doctor. With that decision Constance enrolled in the University of San Francisco to resume her educational journey.

Though her journey has been difficult with twists and turns, reversals and setbacks, Constance has remained steadfast and unwavering in her determination to attain the goal of becoming a doctor in the military.

We are proud to support Constance in the pursuit of a Doctor of Medicine.