March 28, 2023

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Melaine is a 19-year-old Junior attending the University of Florida majoring in
Melaine is the daughter of Cuban immigrants who left their homeland while
pregnant with Melaine, with the knowledge that being born in the United States
would help them attain a better life for their child.
She successfully obtained a John Hopkins scholarship and was accepted into 7
prestigious high level Florida universities. She has received several awards in the
field of medicine, and has been involved in several medical internships. She
achieved Honor Roll for 4 consecutive years, and acceptance into several
research programs. She is an EMT training and volunteers and several hospitals.
These, accolades, activities, and achievements are just a sample of the
multitude of academic and communal achievements that show the laser focus
that Melaine has as she pursues her dream of becoming a neuroscientist.
It is due to her commitment to medicine that we proudly endorse her efforts
with a CKMEF scholarship