August 16, 2023


Erva T, who grew up in Eastern Europe, is a first-year medical student at Charles R. Drew University Science and Medicine, CA. After completing her BS in Chemistry in Eastern Europe, she immigrated to the United States to pursue graduate education. She completed her master’s degrees in biomedical sciences and public Health in Urban Health Disparities with the highest honors of distinction. She is passionate about working in underserved communities with a focus on health education and started volunteering right after coming to the US, in both clinical settings and the community. She wishes to provide underserved communities with high-quality healthcare while serving as an educator, public health advocate, and role model in equal and exceptional public healthcare. Through her extensive clinical and public health research and volunteer experiences, she saw how her efforts made a difference in people’s lives, and she understands and empathizes with the struggles of underserved communities. As a medical student in the CDU MD Program, Erva is passionate about working in underserved communities with a focus on commitment to public health and health advocacy. She aims to maximize her graduate student experience by furthering her service-learning, clinical and non-clinical research, and volunteer opportunities and putting all her energy into getting the best education to be the best doctor to serve and help raise underprivileged communities.