Carolyn Kelly was a senior pilot for a major airline company before she made her transition to her true self. She was a lover of adventure, loyal to her friends, and a protector of animals. She supported numerous charities such a Women/Kids in Distress, the Florida Humane Society, the American Liver Foundation… to name a few.

She sailed the Caribbean numerous times to quench that fire that always simmered in her soul. She was most happy behind the helm steering to new horizons. Being a pilot, she loved the research and the details…whether piloting a 747 or charting a new sailing adventure.


Though an extremely private and quiet individual, she opened up when around true friends. It was in these settings one saw her true self…her dry witty humor, her kindness, compassion and consideration for all and mostly her deep, deep intellect.

The shaded discrimination she encountered when she transitioned, made her acutely aware of the trials and tribulations a transgender individual must deal with. She knew that only through education could a transgender person attain respect, dignity and a higher station in life.

It was her request upon her death that the Carolyn Kelly Education Fund be formed to help underprivileged and transgender individuals attain their true potential no matter their station in life.