August 26, 2022

Meet Mary Y.

Mary Y is an Upper Classman at Emory University pursuing a dual degree in
African Studies (BA) and Nursing (BSN).
As a native African, Mary is passionate about bringing healthcare to the west
coast of Africa where health care for women is dearly needed.
Mary has been honored with several awards such as the CMAA Bank of America
Student leader award, the Disney Dreamer award, and the Emory Wheel Award,
to name just a few.
Through her community involvement she has helped advance The Emory African
Student Association, the STEM pathway mentoring program as well as the
Initiative to raise funds for the isolated villages in Ghana and Nigeria. A
program she initiated to help individuals suffering from Covid 19 resulting in the
collection of $30,000, solely due to Mary’s resourcefulness.
Mary as always been an advocate of change. Upon her graduation with a BSN in
nursing her goal is to help close the healthcare inequities gap through
education, awareness and resources facing underrepresented communities in
CKMEF is proud to be able to help her on that journey.