1. Is there a fee to apply?

There is no fee to apply for a Carolyn Kelly Memorial Education Fund scholarship.

2. How many scholarships are there and what is the amount of the award?

The Award is in the amount of up to $12,500.00 depending on the applicant's need and is awarded twice a year.

3. When is the deadline to apply?

June 1
November 1

4. How long is the review process?

The review process will be completed approximately 4 weeks after the deadline. Winners will be notified by mail.

5. How will the scholarship award be disbursed?

A check will be issued directly to your college/university.

6. How can I contact the Fund if I have questions about the application?

Eligibility information and required forms are listed on our website along with FAQ to locate answers to any questions you may have, If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact the Fund at jaudette

7. I am a home schooled student. Can I apply?

Yes, as long as you are enrolled in a college or university and meet all criteria.

8. Is there a minimum SAT or ACT score requirement?


9. Is there a minimum Grade Point Average requirement?

Yes. All applicants must have and maintain at least a 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

10. What is the Verification Form?

The Verification Form is an online form completed by the applicant's college/an appropriate Administrator at the applicants chosen college or university (i.e., GPA, class ranking, coursework, extracurricular activities, etc.) proving your enrollment and attendance at
your college or university.

11. If I am awarded other scholarships of financial aid, does it affect my eligibility for the CKMEF scholarship?

No. However, if it is determined that all of your financial needs are being met, you are less likely to be granted a scholarship because the Fund is designed to assist students with insufficient financial resources.

12. Does CKMEF encourage graduate and post-graduate students to apply?

Yes. Applicants from all levels of higher education may apply for a CKMEF scholarship award.

13. If I am planning to complete my degree through an online program, am I eligible to apply for a CKMEF?

No. CKMEF does not provide support for students who pursue an education or a special program solely online. You may take a combination of both traditional classroom courses and online courses. CKMEF believes it is important for students to be a part of an academic community and to interact face-to-face with other students and faculty on a regular basis while earning a degree and representing CKMEF.

14. Do I need to identify with the LGBTQ community to apply?

No. The CKEMF scholarship is available to individuals who are underprivileged or female irrespective of gender identity. Your gender identity status, like all information you provide, will be afforded absolute privacy.

15. Is any of the information that I provide be made available to the public?

We maintain all of your information under the highest standards of privacy. However, as a recipient of a CKMEF Scholarship, you may be asked if we can include you in promotional materials. You will have the right to refuse dissemination of your personal information without jeopardizing your scholarship.

16. I am not sure that I qualify (or identify) as either financially disadvantaged or marginalized, but I am confident that I have many of the other strengths... (History of leadership, dedication to a field, etc). Should I still apply?

Yes. You may qualify and should apply. CKMEF selection committee weighs all facets of each person’s application: CKMEF supports students who have a variety of needs and who demonstrate a record of accomplishment and high achievement.

17. Are the CKMEF Scholarship Awards restricted to any specific geographic regions?

Yes. The CKMEF Scholarship Awards are open to all students who reside in the USA.

18. If I apply and am not selected as a CKMEF Scholar, may I reapply?

Yes. Applicants may reapply the following application period. CKMEF does not keep copies of semi-finalist/finalist materials from previous application cycles; thus materials submitted in the past must be resubmitted for consideration.

19. When I reapply, may I submit my old application?

Currently, this option is not available, so it is important that each returning applicant submit a new application with the most current and competitive information possible.

20. What is the last day for receiving online applications?

Please refer to question number 3.

21. Can I submit my transcript and letters of reference by mail or fax?

No. Each student is responsible for completing and submitting the online application along with all other documents on the application page uploaded in PDF format.

22. Can I send in my unofficial transcript?

No. An official transcript is required to be considered for a scholarship.

23. How important is a letter of reference?

Extremely. A letter of reference, either from a school, church or community, leader gives the selection committee a fuller picture of who you are as a person. Letters of reference must be submitted with your online application, along with your Transcript, in order for your online application to be processed.

24. Does CKMEF make a determination based mostly upon one’s grades?

No. We are looking for well-rounded students who participate in all levels of school, work, and the community and have demonstrated a deep interest in improving their lives and the lives of their families and community through graduating and obtaining a degree from the college/university of their choice.

25. Do I need to fill out an application for each award?

Yes. We may award a student for their entire academic career, or for a limited period. If you receive a limited award, you may apply again for later periods. Your initial application is only good for one award. If you were not a recipient of an award your application will be destroyed. If you were awarded a scholarship award, you must apply again.

26. Is there a way to contact the winners in the past?


27. If I am awarded a scholarship from CKMEF, am I eligible to apply again?

See the answer to #25 above.

28. I am a foreign student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. If you are enrolled and attending an American accredited college or university the scholarship is open to all students with a valid green card.

29. As a foreign student, must I attend college/university in the United States?

Yes. You must attend a 2-or 4-year accredited college/university in the United States.

30. Does the CKMEF award scholarships if the applicant is enrolled and attending a trade school program?

Unfortunately, the Carolyn Kelley Memorial Education Fund does not offer financial assistance for trade schools.