August 26, 2022

Meet Jordan S.

How an individual deals with adversity tell you much about someone’s
Nebraskan Jordan S. has dealt with adversity on personal, academic, financial,
and emotional levels since childhood. With all that she has had to face, we were
astounded by how much love and compassion Jordan brings to her community.
Whether it is though mentoring and tutoring, composing, publishing
mathematic textbooks that are given freely to those who are underprivileged,
helping to build housing for Habitat for Humanity, or in bringing nutritional
bounty to food deserts, Jordan is always thinking of “how to help my fellow
Jordan was a 18 year old first year low income student when she arrived at the
University of Nebraska struggling to make ends meet as many students do. But
she persevered by becoming extremely self-sufficient and utilizing all the academic resources and opportunities to the fullest. She has completed 4 years of college majoring in mathematical science with a minor in computer science and graduated with a commendable 3.54 GPA. Now studying for her master’s degree in mathematics, Jordan has become a
published author of two mathematics textbooks and several papers that are given freely online to help those who cannot afford the cost; just a small example of all that she does to give back to her community. The manner in which Jordan has risen above the multitude of challenges in her life grabbed the hearts and minds of the CKMEF board, and we gladly support Jordan in her academic journey.