As we enter the 5th year of the Caroline Kelly Memorial Education Fund, we are offering a new scholarship in all things maritime: Marine biology, Ocean Ecology, Marine engineering, Ocean-related Environmental Sciences, Seamanship, Navigation, Marine Sciences, and any other appropriate field.

Caroline was passionate about the environment and a lover of all things ocean. We feel this scholarship is befitting of her benevolence and her dreams for a better planet.

We are looking for students who seek to make a difference as to the health of the ocean and ergo, to our planet. Applicants must otherwise fulfill the parameters of the Fund and the awards will be made in Spring of 2024.

To apply, you can click here.

The Scholarship will be funded by contributions and donations, which can be made here. All administrative fees will be borne by the Fund; 100% of all donations will used exclusively for the scholarship awards.

Thank you for your generous consideration of the Caroline Kelly OceanQuest© Scholarship Fund.

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